Chrismukkah is the merging of the holidays of Christmas and Hanukkah celebrated in the interfaith household of the Cohen family. Kirsten Cohen has Christian heritage and Sandy Cohen is of Jewish heritage. The word itself is a portmanteau arisen through the blending of the words Christmas and Hanukkah.

It was invented by Seth Cohen as a way to be able to celebrate both holidays and bring his Jewish and Christian heritage together. Sandy and Kirsten were unable to decide which way to raise him, and so he began to use the word when he was just a child. He describes it as having "twice the resistance of a normal holiday" and being "8 days of presents followed by one day of many presents." It is supposed to " homage to the traditions of New York City and Newport Beach...[it] represents a blending of cultures, tolerance, inclusiveness, and celebration that the Cohen household practices."

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