Hailey Nichol is the sister of Kirsten Cohen, the half-sister of Lindsay Gardner and the daughter of Caleb Nichol

Life Before Season 1Edit

Hailey is well known to have done little with her life, leaving home at 17, squandering her trust fund & travelling around the world at the expense of her father, Caleb Nichol.

Season 1Edit

Hailey eventually developed a relationship with Jimmy Cooper, her childhood babysitter and her sister's one-time boyfriend.

Season 2Edit

The second season began with Jimmy and Hailey trying to figure out their lives, and where their relationship would or could lead. With a lucrative job offer in the Tokyo fashion scene, Hailey accepted the position instead of staying with Jimmy. Soon after, Jimmy also left Newport, for Maui, leaving behind his daughter, Marissa.

At her father's funeral, Hailey briefly returned to visit, with her new career apparently having stabilized her formerly wild ways. A newly responsible Hailey aided in the intervention to combat her sister's alcoholism.



Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


Season 2Edit

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