Henri-Michel de Maumarot
a French author. He is Taylor's ex-husband who comes to Newport to support his new book. He tries to rekindle a relationship with Taylor but is left for Ryan.

Season 4Edit

Taylor in France married a Frenchman named Henri Michel de Maumarot. But when she reconized that she didn't want to be married, she flees back to Newport, where she has to hide from her mother, who would never understand it.

When Taylor tried to divorce herself from her French husband she needs Ryans help, who kisses her to proof that she hadn't been faithful, which legitimates the divorce.

Then her French ex husband comes to town, having written an erotic novel about their time together. Taylor is worried Ryan will think less of her because of it, but he is more concerned when he finds Taylor and Henri-Michele have more in common and shared intellectual interests in French literature and philisophy. Taylor is breifly attracted back to her ex by her better ability to express his feelings towards her.

When Taylor choose Ryan, Henri-Michele leaves town.

Played by Henri Lubatti.


Season 4Edit

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