Johnny Harper, was a secondary character of the television series The O.C, is portrayed by Ryan Donowho.

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Johnny appeared for the first time in the episode : The Last Waltz, along with his best friend Chili and his ex-girlfriend Casey. Although his character technically appears as a rival for Ryan, it is not so, despite the feelings they both feel, for the beautiful Marissa Cooper, although, Johnny also has a girlfriend. Jhonny introduced as a new schoolmate of Marissa, when she is sent by her mother at the Newport Union. Johnny, has a sweet and peaceful character, never gets to the hands, and prefers to speak. His biggest passion is surfing, but in the episode The Game Plan, the boy taken in full by a car, and his dream of becoming a skilled surfer, is reduced to a thousand pieces. Eventually,when Marissa begins to lovingly take care for him, the guy realizes that he has a big crush on the Cooper, initially, he will not declare himself to her directly, but will only trust him to the girl's best friend, Summer. After that he will spend a lot of time with Marissa's younger sister, Kaitlin, the fact will make Marissa jealous of the friendship created between the two. Unfortunately, for Johnny the misfortunes do not end here, in fact in the episode The Cliffhanger, the boy climbs on the cliff; Kaitlin worried calls Marissa and Ryan, but the two will not be able to save him when he falls, and then Johnny dies.

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Johnny and Chili

Johnny with his best friend Chili.

Casey and Johnny

Johnny with his ex-girlfriend Casey.


Ryan with Johnny, moments before, Harper's death.

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