Lindsay Wheeler Gardner is the half-sister of Kirsten Cohen and Hailey Nichol and the love-child of Caleb Nichol from an affair with his secretary, Renee Wheeler. She began a romantic relationship with Ryan Atwood before the truth was revealed. She also once went on a date with her soon to be half-nephew Seth Cohen. Lindsay's father was revealed during Season 2, Episode: The Chrismakkuh That Almost Wasn't. Lindsay does not live the normal lifestyle of those in the O.C. She drives a beat up car that can barely run. She is made fun for this by numerous people on her first day at Harbor School. After Caleb's heart attack he decides to formally adopt Lindsay as his daughter. This prompts Julie Cooper-Nichol to become very angry and demand that there be a DNA test run. This causes a strain on the relationship. It is later revealed that Caleb is her biological father. In the end she decides to leave Newport and move to Chicago with her mother, leaving both Ryan and Caleb behind. It's unknown why Lindsay didn't turn up for Caleb's funeral


Season 2Edit


Season 2Edit

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