Luke Ward was the main antagonist on the television show "The O.C.". He is introduced to us as the usual rich, idiot and overbearing waterpolo player, right now, threatens Ryan, he is jealous of the fact that young Attwood, " always turn around his girlfriend ".

In addition to this, he is one of the boys, who mostly bullies Seth, treats him very badly, and calls him faggy all the time.

He is the oldest of the three sons of Carson and Meredith Ward, and the older brother of Brad and Eric. He later started a relationship with Marissa's mother, Julie Cooper.

He was the main antagonist for the first quarter of Season 1.

Life Before Season 1Edit

When Luke, Summer Roberts, and Seth Cohen were all 13-years-old, he had his birthday party, a paintball party, at the same time that Seth had his Bar Mitzvah. Summer's father, Neil Roberts, was going to make Summer go to Seth's party, but Summer's Mother left abruptly, so they did not attend so that they could deal with the sudden divorce. This, coupled with most students choosing to attend Luke's party, caused Seth to have self-confidence issues for several years.(1)

Luke had dated Marissa for a long period of time before Ryan came to Newport Beach, beginning their relationship in the fifth grade on a trip to the Museum of Tolerance.(2) Luke seemed to love Marissa, even crying when they broke up.(3) Despite this, he had cheated on her for a long period of time.(4)

Season 1Edit

Luke was originally dating Marissa Cooper. However, the couple split when she fell in love with Ryan Atwood. Luke later reformed his ways and became good friends with Ryan, after he was shot at a party by Donnie. The once popular Luke also fell out of favor with his clique as word spread about his father's homosexuality. Luke eventually became sexually involved with Marissa's mother, Julie Cooper. The affair was later discovered by Marissa. Luke became depressed and decided to leave Newport Beach for Portland to live with his father, after Carson and Meredith's divorce. He joked in his last scene of the season: "Welcome to Portland, bitch," a reference to Ward's most memorable lines in the show, on the pilot episode: "Welcome to the O.C., bitch."

Season 2Edit

Luke seemed happy and well-adjusted in the season's debut episode, having found new friends and quite possibly a girlfriend in Portland.


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