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Luke WardEdit

  • Boyfriend
    • First relationship
      • Began: Prior to "Premiere" (1.01)
      • Ended: "The Debut" (1.04)
        • Reason: Luke got jealous of how much time Marissa and Ryan were spending together.
    • Second relationship

Ryan AtwoodEdit

  • Attraction
    • Began: "Premiere" (1.01)
    • Ended: "The Perfect Couple" (1.10)
      • Reason: Marissa's attraction to Ryan evolved into an actual relationship.
  • Boyfriend
    • First relationship
      • Began: "The Perfect Couple" (1.10)
      • Ended: "The Rivals" (1.17)
        • Reason: Marissa believes that Ryan is overreacting over her friendship with Oliver Trask, who had developed an unhealthy obsession with her.
    • Second relationship
      • Began: "The Nana" (1.23)
      • Ended: "The Ties That Bind" (1.27)
        • Reason: After discovering that Theresa is seemingly pregnant with Ryan's child, as the two had been in a relationship during Ryan and Marissa's break-up, Ryan decides to move back to Chino with Theresa. A heartbroken Marissa accepts his decision, but falls back into her alcoholic behaviors upon his departure.
    • Third relationship
    • Fourth relationship


Alex KellyEdit

  • Girlfriend
    • Began: "The Lonely Hearts Club" (2.12)
    • Ended: "The Blaze of Glory" (2.16)
      • Reason: Alex realizes that Marissa still possesses feelings for Ryan. Following their break-up, Alex moves away from Newport and back home with her parents to go back to school.

Kevin VolchokEdit

  • Boyfriend
    • Began: The Undertow (3.18)
    • Ended: The Party Favor (3.23)
      • Reason: Marissa caught Volchok making out with another girl at The Harbor School prom.

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