This is a list of the music that was featured during Season 2 of The O.C..

The DistanceEdit

The Way We WereEdit

The New Kids on the BlockEdit

The New EraEdit

The SnO.C.Edit

The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn'tEdit

The Family TiesEdit

The Power of LoveEdit

The Ex-FactorEdit

The AccompliceEdit

The Second ChanceEdit

The Lonely Hearts ClubEdit

The TestEdit

The Rainy Day WomenEdit

The MallpisodeEdit

The Blaze of GloryEdit

The Brothers GrimEdit

The Risky BusinessEdit

The RagerEdit

The O.C. ConfidentialEdit

The Return of the NanaEdit

The ShowdownEdit

The O.SeaEdit

The Dearly BelovedEdit