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Seth Ezekiel Cohen is a half Jewish teenager who lives in Newport Beach in Orange County. Seth is the only son of Sandy Cohen and Kirsten Cohen. He was befriended at the start of the series by Ryan Atwood, who later moved in with them.

Ryan AtwoodEdit

His best friend; adoptive brother.

Summer RobertsEdit

His girlfriend whom he eventually marries in the season 4 finale.

Marissa CooperEdit

His Friend and neighbor when her parents were together.

Tumblr mbchw70ZT51qberzmo2 250

Seth, Summer, Ryan, and Marissa

Anna SternEdit

His friend, and ex-girlfriend.

Alex KellyEdit


Zach StevensEdit

Friend.They created a comic book together titled Atomic Country

Luke WardEdit

He bullies Seth constantly.However, later they become good friends.

Sandy CohenEdit


Kirsten CohenEdit


Sophie Rose CohenEdit

Younger sister

Sophie CohenEdit


Caleb NicholEdit


Hailey NicholEdit


Lindsay GardnerEdit

Half - aunt

Neil RobertsEdit


Memorable QuotesEdit

See Memorable Quotes by Seth Cohen


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

Other ReferencesEdit

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