Sophie Cohen (also called "The Nana") is Sandy Cohen's mother,and a younger son and daughter who are unknown.

Season 1Edit

During a Passover Seder visit, the family's negative views about her change as she informs them that she has been diagnosed with lung cancer. She does not want chemotherapy, but the family persuades her to seek treatment. She then leaves in New York.

Season 2Edit

She living in southern Florida and presenting a new fiancé during a visit from Sandy, Seth and Ryan. Ever protective of his mother's well-being, Sandy is suspicious of the background of Sophie's new love, eventually discovering a foundation for his mistrust. He drives away the suitor, who apparently sought to profit from Sophie's retirement savings. Though Sophie is not quick to agree with her son's actions or his rationale for them, the two eventually reconcile before the end of the visit.



Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


Season 3Edit

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