The Model Home is the second episode of season one which aired on August 12, 2003.


Thinking that he'll be put into foster care, Ryan attempts runs away from the Cohens, but is stopped when Seth figures out his plan. However, Seth doesn't want to lose his only friend, so he hatches a plan to keep Ryan in Newport. Seth, with the help of Marissa, hides Ryan in an unfinished home in Kirsten's newest housing development. However, Summer alerts Luke and his friends to the plan, resulting in a bloody brawl between Ryan and Luke. Meanwhile, Sandy and Kirsten find Ryan missing, resulting in more arguments about Sandy having Ryan stay with them.


Marissa and Seth set their differences aside to help Ryan run away before Sandy has to turn him over to the foster-care system. But as the search for the truant teen heats up, Luke gets a lead on his hideout from Summer that leads to a near-tragedy for the teens of Orange County. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Kirsten arrange a secret meeting that winds up playing out in front of an unseen

Memorable QuotesEdit

Seth: (to Marissa) Did you seriously bring a loofa?
Ryan: What's a loofa?

Ryan: (looking at a miniature model home on the table) What's that?
Kirsten: It's a model home. I build them. Well, the real ones, not this one.
Ryan: Could you build me one? ... Sorry, bad joke.(Ryan, Seth, Sandy and Kirsten sit down to eat)
Sandy: So, last supper, huh? ... Sorry, bad joke.

Luke: You're okay.
Ryan: Disappointed?

Marissa(driving): Why won't you tell me where we're going? This is pretty far away.
Seth: Oh, wow. (Complaining.) That's very interesting considering nobody invited you.
Marissa: Before I came along you were on a skateboard.

Marissa: I mean, what did I ever do to you?
Seth: Nothing, Marissa. I've lived next door to you forever and you've never done or said anything to me.
Marissa: Oh, my God, you're the one who never talks to me. You think you're so much better than everyone.
Seth: I do? Well, if you're talking about Luke, then, yes, because that guy shaves his chest!

Ryan: You know what I like about rich kids? *(Bam, slaan), nothing.
Seth: Hey, Ryan, you wouldn't consider me rich, would you? I'd be more upper middle class?

Marissa: You like them?
Ryan: Yeah, I guess.
Marissa: Well, what do you like?
Ryan: Everything. I don't really listen to music.
Seth: Dude, that's kind of weird.

Ryan: We're from different worlds.
Marissa: That's not true.

Seth: You remember the meatloaf incident of '98?
Kirsten: That was brisket.
Seth: Yeah, that's my point exactly.

Sandy: There's no need for sarcasm.
Seth: I'm not being sarcastic.
Sandy: Well, it's hard to tell sometimes.

(Talking to Kirsten about Ryan)
Sandy: I was this kid. If someone hadn't helped me, I wouldn't be here.


  • As Jimmy and Julie are watching the basketball game on ESPN Classics, when he refers to the particular game, there is a really bad voice over. His voice says "1986," yet his mouth says "1988." The series Jimmy references was the 1988 NBA Finals, won by the Los Angeles Lakers in seven games over the Detroit Pistons.
  • There were a lot of set changes that appeared in this episode versus the Pilot. This is likely because the Pilot was shot on actual locations, while the rest of the episodes were shot in a closed studio. Some of the noticeable differences were:
  • Seth has totally different stuff on his walls. There is no way a person makes so many changes to his walls in a day while all those things were going on.
  • The decor of the pool house was completely changed. And the backyard didn't have steps in the pilot, but does starting with this episode.
  • The layout of the Cohens' house is different as well. The countertop on the kitchen island was black in the pilot and light colored later.
  • The kitchen table chairs are different.
  • The mailboxes are different.
  • Seth refers to the book 'On The Road' by Jack Kerouac when he talks about the "pancake tour of America." However, it was apple pie and ice cream that Sal, the book's narrator, consumed as he traveled around America.
  • When Kirsten and Jimmy drive up to the model home, it's suprising they didn't get tipped off to the kids' presence by seeing Marissa's car and Ryan's bike somewhere outside.
  • It is likely that Marissa, or at least Ryan, would have seen Luke and his friends sitting in their truck outside the model home before the fight and fire. Sure, they were pre-occupied, but not likely enough to miss a truck right beside the house.



Recurring RolesEdit

Guest StarsEdit

  • Carrie Armstrong as Diner Cashier
  • Steven M. Gagnon as Arson Investigator
  • Dwight Hicks as Sheriff


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