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Theresa Diaz was the childhood friend and girlfriend of Ryan Atwood.Eddie is her husband

Season 1Edit

Theresa is a childhood friend of Ryan Atwood, and developed an "off and on" (Thersea's word) relationship with him. In Thankgiving, Ryan went back to Chino to pay Trey's debts. Ryan went to Theresa's house to take a car for debts. Ryan said sorry for not calling Theresa after he took off and Thersea apologized too.

After that Theresa worked in Newport to earn money as well as reunite with Ryan. Later Ryan found out that Theresa was engaged to Eddie. Theresa was not sure about marrying Eddie and so she took off (probably because of Eddie's abusive behavior). Meanwhile Ryan and Marissa broke up because of Oliver Trask. Naturally, Ryan and Theresa have a relationship. But Theresa ended this short relationship by leaving Newport as Eddie punched Ryan at the Man of the Year party and Theresa felt she embarrassed Ryan.

Shortly Theresa left Chino again as Eddie hit her. She went to Newport to seek for Sandy's advise. Later she found herself pregnant and she did not even know who is the father. Ryan, who has a dysfunctional family, went back to Chino to ensure the baby has a normal family.

Season 2Edit

Ryan worked construction and lived with Theresa in Chino as they prepared for the baby, but Theresa felt something amiss. She felt Ryan now belonged to Newport and Ryan was staying with her in a loveless relationship because of the baby alone. While Ryan was away visiting Seth, Theresa contacted him, lied that she lost the baby and asked him not to come home.

Season 3Edit

After Ryan left she has a job in a hotel and getting promotions throughout two years. Her life, as well as her baby Daniel's, is getting better. Also, there is a guy who becomes close with Theresa despite nothing happened yet.

In season three, Theresa went to meet Ryan as he knew she actually did not miscarriage. Theresa claimed that the baby was Eddie's. Theresa became Ryan's prom date but, they stayed as friends.



Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

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