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Trey Atwood was the older brother of Ryan Atwood, and grew up with him in Chino with their mother, Dawn.

He does not appear to have a strong relationship with his mother, as she attempted to visit him in prison and he refused to see her. (1)

Season 1Edit


Trey in Season 1

Trey and Ryan were arrested in after an attempted car theft. Ryan was cut loose after efforts made by public defense attorney Sandy Cohen, his future guardian, while Trey remained in prison. Trey later appeared in The Homecoming, where he calls Ryan during Thanksgiving to visit him in prison. He asked Ryan to deliver a stolen car to a chop shop in order to pay off a debt he had not paid prior to his prison sentence. After Ryan did this, he told him to not look back.

Season 2Edit

In the latter half of the Season 2, Trey was released from prison and lived for a short time with Ryan and the Cohens. During this time, he and Marissa Cooper became acquainted, with Marissa eventually helping Trey to settle into life in Newport Beach.

With his brother's support, Trey worked initially to make a fresh start in his new surroundings. Struggling, Trey succumbed to drug addiction, with one drug-fueled evening leading him to attempt to sexually molest Marissa. His problems grew, as he became involved in drug trafficking and selling with Jess Sathers, a teenage girl he met at a party in Marissa's house. An increasingly frustrated Ryan sought resolution to his longtime problems with Trey, culminating in a violent fight at Trey's apartment. Marissa arrived moments later to find Trey choking Ryan. Finding a gun Trey had in the apartment, she shot Trey in the back, bringing the season to a dramatic end.

Season 3Edit

As Season 3 opened, Trey was revealed to be in a coma due to the gunshot wound. He awoke in the hospital to find Julie Cooper offering money to implicate Ryan as the shooter. Prevented from doing this by Marissa, and facing a broken relationship with Ryan, Trey was last seen on a bus leaving Newport for Las Vegas. Since then, Jess has returned to Newport. While helping her with boyfriend troubles Trey calls her on the cell phone, Ryan refused to talk to his brother. Trey also sent Jess with a toy car resembling the one in the first episode they attempted to steal.



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