Veronica Townsend was the mother of Taylor Townsend.

She worked as a sports agent throughout Newport Beach and southern California, and serves as The Chair of The Parents' Committee at The Harbor School. Her daughter, Taylor, is a senior at the prestigious private school. Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Divorced from her husband and Taylor's father, an area auto dealer, Veronica has carved out her own financial success representing professional athletes in negotiations with their respective teams and additional interests. Her career highs have often come at the expense of Veronica's relationship with her daughter.

Season 3Edit

Marissa had been expelled after shooting Ryan's brother Trey. When Taylor took Marissa's side in the dispute, ultimately helping get Marissa back into the school, Veronica was furious with her daughter. Several episodes later, Veronica appeared again when she joined Kirsten Cohen and Julie Cooper's dating service, getting them to set her up with Neil Roberts. Julie set the couple up together, but as she too liked Dr. Roberts, she spied on their dates and eventually wins Dr. Roberts' affections. Seth eventually turns Veronica off Dr. Roberts by lying to Taylor that Dr. Roberts has genital herpes, which is relayed to Veronica.

Season 4Edit

Veronica has been oblivious to the knowledge that Taylor returned to Newport instead of studying in Paris as planned. During the Thanksgiving holiday, she learned the truth about where Taylor was and that Taylor had impulsively married during her brief sojourn in France. Implying that her daughter's behavior was immature and irresponsible, she then kicked Taylor out of the house. When Taylor and Ryan later fell off the Cohens' roof and were both unconscious in hospital, she showed little concern for her daughter's health and was instead angry that her holiday plans had been disrupted by Taylor's accident. While Taylor and Ryan were unconscious, both went to an "alternate universe" where Ryan doesn't exist, and where Veronica still had a child called Taylor - but this Taylor was a boy. While in the alternate universe, Taylor overheard Veronica belittling her son and confronted her about her abusive behaviour.

After the earthquake,Veronica comes looking for Taylor. Taylor, not expecting her mother to care about her, thought her mom was an intruder and shot her in the foot with a flare gun. Taylor rode her mother to the hospital on a bike with a wagon attached to the back of it. The two reconciled after telling each other "I Love You" and sharing a hug. They then leave the hospital with the Cohen's, the Cooper's, Frank Atwood, and Summer.



Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

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