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Kaitlin Cooper is a fictional character on the FOX television series The O.C., played by Willa Holland.


Early lifeEdit

Holland was born in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of cinematographer Keith Holland and actress Darnell Gregorio-De Palma. She has two sisters, Brianna Holland (born 1988) and Piper De Palma (born 1996). Holland spent the earlier part of her childhood in Chelsea, London. It was during that period that she spent time on the set of the film Mission: Impossible which was directed by her stepfather Brian De Palma.

She went to Paul Revere Middle School.


Holland spent the summer of 1999 in the hamptons with her family. After a day playing at Steven Spielberg's home, the seed was planted that she should spend her life acting in film. Spielberg told her mother "You've got to put her in front of a camera!".

Upon her return toLos Angeles that September, Holland first signed with Ford Modeling Agency. She began getting work immediately: her first job was for Burberry of London, where she had much success.

The following year, 1999, De Palma took Willa to a theatrical talent agency. Since then she has shot many national commercials. During 2001 when Willa was ten, she worked alongside her cinematographer father in Ordinary Madness. She was even slated to co-star in the 2005 FOX series The Inside with fellow model Rachel Nichols, but left the show when writer Tim Minear was brought in to overhaul it. She played the role of Kaitlin Cooper on The O.C. for its third and fourth seasons. Incidentally, Willa Holland was a fan of The O.C. before landing the role of Kaitlin Cooper, Marrisa Cooper's (Mischa Barton) rebellious "little" sister. She was a regular on the entire fourth season. Willa currently attends private acting classes with one of LAs most esteemed acting coaches.

She has recently graced the cover of Teen Vogue (where she was the youngest cover girl) and Fashion 18 and has been featured in CosmoGirl!, as well as representing LeSportsac Fall and Winter 2006 The O.C. handbags for Macy's. She also currently tops the High Critic's Top 20 list for 2007.

Personal lifeEdit

  • She is the step-daughter of film director Brian De Palma. He took her to a talent agency when she was just seven years old and the rest is history.
  • Her mother is Darnell Gregorio-De Palma.
  • From the ages of 7 to 11 years old she was the top child model in the USA. She is with Ford Models Los Angeles.
  • Has an older sister, Brianna.
  • Has a younger sister, Piper De Palma.
  • Steven Spielberg told Brian De Palma that she needed to be in front of the camera. With Spielberg's advice, Brian got her an agent.

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